Why your booking is important to me

One of the things I struggle to deal with as a travel agent is when  a prospective booking that I have spent so much time and heart in organising for a client disappears. Maybe the customer decided to postpone the trip, maybe the customer had personal issues to deal with first or maybe they just stopped responding to my texts, emails, calls, linked in contacts, instagram pm’s.. whatever the reason, the booking is gone… lost. I can understand the personal reasons we all have them, and when I first started my Team Leader would tell me not to take it personally, so most of the time I don’t.  What really gets to me is when my customer turns to me and says ‘sorry I have booked online or with another agent’.  That I do take it personally. No matter how many people tell me not to or how many times it happens, I will always feel a pinch of disappointment as if there was something more I could have done to fight for you. For me, booking travel isn’t just a job, I don’t sit there day in day out wishing the day would be over, hating my boss or team, complaining about the work. It was drawn to my attention recently that I know why peoples bookings are important to me, so why don’t my customers? So, I thought that I would sit and write what each and every holiday booking means to me.

  1. I love to book travel. Not only that, I love to talk about it. Most of day outside of the office involves thinking about travel, planning my next trip; really I am travel obsessed. You are coming to see me for help with your travel plans and that makes me so happy. You’re holiday plans and talking about your trip is something that gives me great personal satisfaction. I want to help you create your own amazing travel memories as I have in the past, let me be part of the journey. Not only that, selling travel is what I have been trained to do; why would you install your sink pipes with 70% confidence that you have done it right after watching a few youtube videos, when you can call your local plumber have it done 100% right the first time?
  2. Success and Incentives.  The role I am in is sales and customer service so with that comes targets and goals. I am not going to lie, as a travel agent I get paid commission off the bookings I make. The commission side of things adds up to about 40-50% of my overall wage. In saying that though, in a month I will receive 15% of my total commission earnings and thats before tax, so when you think about it, it’s not really a lot right? That’s why to me your two day trip to the Hunter Valley or return flight from Melbourne adds up and is so very appreciated! Not only does your booking help feed me but helps me reach my goals and helps me on my way to the big Global event that happens every year for all the top earners. Like I am part of your travel memories I would love to have you apart of my success in this role that I love. Booking with me means I get to keep my job and stay in the business that I have loved for the last 2.5 years and continue to work alongside some of the best people, because travel is meant to be fun, so let me do the hard work so all you need to worry about is enjoying your trip!
  3. Connecting with my customers.  I love the connection I have with my customers, learning about their travel plans, what is important them, hearing about their pets, kids… anything! That amazing conversation where we spoke about your adoptive dog from the pound is a big part of building that customer connection and rapport and something that makes booking your holiday that much more special as I am able to get to know YOU. This connection is allowing me to build a trusting and repeat client base to ensure that I able to earn money to withstand running my own business within a business, which brings me to my final point…
  4.  You are buying into me as a business. I am the little shop owner who sells the latest products that everyone wants, so how does it feel when I put my heart and soul into finding the best flight path or resort with the best inclusions only to find that someone has taken my work and booked it all online? That damages my business. I am here to book anything great and small and if you have found a better price online, bring it to me! I want to help you have the best deal and will always make sure you are getting every bang for your buck possible.

When you book your holiday with me, you not only are getting the holiday you so definitely wanted and deserve, you are getting your very own personal travel concierge. Someone who can piece together those crazy South American flight itineraries, someone who can recommend the best areas to stay in Paris, you are getting a human point of contact, someone who will look after you every step of the way to ensure your holiday happens without a hitch, which is something the internet cannot offer you. You are not only supporting me as a local business but supporting my team who are very important to me, as my success is their success. WE WANT YOU to be part of our success and our travel family.