Rome Bucket List




Have you ever heard the saying ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’? The same goes for being in Rome, you just can’t do it all in one day. There is so much rich history and culture within this city that you need to spend some quality time with it, get to know it… definitely mark off that bucket list but get into the nitty gritty of what makes the city tick…



  1. Do a walking tour of the city – I highly recommend doing a walking tour in each city, this will help you get your barrings and its much cheaper than doing a private tour. You just tip the guide how much you feel is right at the end.
  2. Eat – After your walking tour you will be hungry, understandably so and Rome is where you will find some of the best pizzas and pastas with the fresh ingredients, so dig in! Afterwards treat yourself to some gelato, your deserve it! Hot Tip – Try the nutella and Kinder gelato, they are amazing!!! Also search for restaurants that aren’t right next door to the big attractions, despite the amazing views, you will find yourself paying for it!
  3. Stand INSIDE the Colosseum – You may wonder why I capitalised inside, well to be quite frank, if you go inside the Colosseum, regardless of how much you don’t care about history, it is an experience that you cannot replace. The feeling you get standing in there knowing what used to take place is just indescribable. (I spent nearly 2 hours walking around taking over 300 or so photos, yes I am a little nerdy!!). You won’t regret it!


    The Spanish Steps

  4. Visit the Pantheon – This amazing building was built under the reign of Augustus and from looking at it, is not what you expect on the inside. Amazing marble flooring and circular ceiling, housing some of history’s most important documents.
  5. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain – The Romans believe that if you throw three coins from your right hand over your left shoulder into the Trevi Fountain, you will return to Italy, so why not give it a go! Even if you don’t believe its all a little bit of fun!
  6. Take a trip to see the Pope – Even though the Vatican City is the world’s smallest country, it is a very big

    Piazza Del Popolo

    MUST SEE when you visit Rome. Hot tip – Make sure if you plan to go inside that you are wearing something that covers your shoulders and pants longer than the knee.

  7. Get your steps up – Go and check out the Spanish steps, walk up them and take a seat and look out at the view of the piazza below. Relax a little.
  8. Visit Piazza Del Popolo – This is the Peoples Plaza, and it is huge! It is the largest square inside Rome. There is a gorgeous fountain at one end of the plaza with an obelisk in the middle.
  9. And Piazza Navona – This hands down is the best people watching plaza. You have cafes lining the edges that look over one of the most incredible fountains, fontana dei quattro fiumi (fountain of the four rivers).
  10. Local art – One thing I love is street art in a city, check out the artworks on the walls in the stations, some are really detailed!
  11. IMG_3789

    Piazza Navona

    Get Lost! – Literally! If you really want to see the city turn a wrong corner, follow the road and see where you end up!


Happy Travels,


“Take only memories, leave only footsteps”